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4 Ways to File
Your Return!

Taxpayer Checklist

In order to prepare for your initial consultation, please gather the applicable documents listed below.  If you have questions regarding any of the documents, one of our tax consultants can answer those questions during the initial interview/consultation.  Also, you may download the optional Tax Organizer prior to your visit.


  • Driver's License(s)
  • Social Security Card(s)
  • Dependents' Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth


  • Wages, Form W-2(s)
  • Self-employed Business/Farm, Form 1099-MISC
  • Social Security Income, Form SSA-1099
  • Pension, 1099-R(s)
  • Tips Received
  • Interest & Dividend Income, Form 1099-INT/Form 1099-DIV
  • Child & Dependent Care
  • Student Loan Interest Paid, Form 1098-E
  • Mortgage or Home Equity Loan Interest Paid, Form 1098
  • Taxes Paid (e.g. Real Estate, Personal Property)
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Medical Expenses  

Additional Income Documentation

  • Estimated Tax Paid
  • Property & Securities Sold
  • Investment Interest
  • Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Alimony Received
  • Unemployment Comp
  • IRA/Keogh Distribution
  • Gambling Winnings/Losses
  • Cash and Non-cash Charitable Donations
  • Railroad Retirement